The Forget Me Not team are absolutely overwhelmed with the desperation being faced by the children and their families we support in India, Nepal and Uganda.

Loved ones are dying at a rate of 1 person every 4 minutes in India and they truly need our help now more than ever. There are next to no ICU beds and oxygen supplies are dwindling. People do not have access to medical care and medicines.
If daily wage earners are unable to work today, they’re unable to feed their families tomorrow.
In Nepal, the situation is even just as dire with vaccines running short, hospitals overwhelmed and positive testing rates being reported at a horrific 47%.
The situation in Uganda is getting worse and our grandmothers are extremely vulnerable, with dire consequences for their families and the children they are raising. We are also trying to keep people safe who are HIV+ and immune compromised. It’s a massive task. We remain vigilant.
The Forget Me Not team have themselves been impacted by death and sickness whilst they battle to save every life they can.
We are a registered Australian charity, with very minimal administrative costs ensuring your money gets where it’s needed fast.
We can act quickly to ensure families have the support they need when they need it the most.
You can help by purchasing essential items for immediate distribution throughout India and Nepal:
* 30 litres of clean drinking water $5
* Thin foam mattress for emergency bedding $5
* 20 kgs of rice $15
* 60 kgs of firewood for heating, cooking and cremation $20
* Tent for temporary accommodation providing dignity and isolation for the sick and dying $30
Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little. Everything helps. Thank you for your support.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

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With respect, courage and commitment, Forget Me Not honours the rights of every child and, works to ensure children are thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity.

We exist to prevent children and young people around the world from being displaced through investing in innovative initiatives that keep children within their families and communities.

We grow our impact through leveraging local partnerships on the ground in-country, raising community awareness and advocating for change as we learn.

Our current initiatives focus on 5 key areas:

We have unfaltering commitment to strengthen healthy families and communities that value education, and empower women and children to be their very best.

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We are serious about child protection.

The Problem

The number of orphanages across the developing world has grown dramatically in recent years.

More than 80% of children in these orphanages are NOT orphans.

Globally research shows that children are taken from their families, trafficked into orphanages and used to generate funds.

This is a form of modern day slavery.

Well-meaning people who are donating to orphanages are unintentionally fuelling the Global Orphanage Crisis.

The more donations flood into orphanages, the more orphanages open and the more children are separated from their families to fill their beds.

Orphanages do not exist in developed countries because over 60 years of international research has proven that orphanages and institutionalisation has a serious and lifelong impact on children’s physical and psychological development.

Forget Me Not is a founding member of ReThink Orphanages, a cross-sector network that aims to prevent the unnecessary institutionalisation of children by shifting the way Australia engages with overseas aid and development.

ReThink Orphanages Network is represented by members from international aid and development, philanthropy, education and faith-based communities and is working with externals stakeholders from a range of sectors including government, media, and the travel industry.

This diverse network is uniquely positioned to take action on issues related to the alarming numbers of children being unnecessarily institutionalised in developing countries.

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The Solution

We want to end child trafficking into orphanages and stop the demand for ‘orphans’, through grassroots education and empowerment programs.

Currently working in Nepal, India and Uganda, we give families every opportunity of staying together and help them become self-reliant. Our approach is holistic and child-focused. Our strategy is to work collaboratively building brighter futures for children through healthcare, education and family support.

We currently work in these 5 key areas:

Learn more about ETC. our exciting initiative with the Intrepid Foundation to trial 5 tourism products as alternatives to orphanage volun/tourism.

We are a valued partner of the Australian Government, receiving funding through an Australian Aid: Friendship Grant.

Get Involved

We are always looking for help to raise awareness about the ‘orphan trade’, and raise funds required to rescue children from orphanages so they can return to their homes and families.

By supporting or sponsoring a Forget Me Not event you help raise vital funds to deliver our programs in Nepal, India and Uganda. Great things can be achieved through collaboration and aligning your self, workplace, social club or business with a great cause.

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We are recruiting a worldwide army of everyday heroes to raise awareness about the ‘orphan trade’, and raise the funds required to rescue children from orphanages (and whatever other ‘institutions’ are holding children without consent) and return each and every one to their homelands, safe with their loving families.

Join our Rescue Crew and help us rescue and reunite children with their families as soon as possible. Forget Me Not has an excellent track record and exceptional team of social and youth workers, and counsellors, in place to fulfil the challenges of rescue, family tracing, reunification and well-being monitoring.

We need you on our side, as Crew, in this work. The Rescue Crew contributes monthly to ensure that children are safe, sheltered and reunified with their families.

We also believe education is key to brighter futures. You can donate to our Remarkable Teachers Fund which employs qualified teaching staff in our Brighter Futures Study Centres in India and funds school related expenses for children in all of our programs. All donations are fully tax deductible.

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