Another eight children are going home

We’ve just opened our doors (& hearts) to 8 children (7-12yo) rescued from an orphanage operating without approval of the Nepal Government, National Child Rights Council and local authorities.

The children have told us they were beaten by the orphanage operator and his son for small mistakes and fed just two meals a day. They were responsible for all of the cleaning and other household chores.

Our family tracing and reintegration team have been working around the clock and discovered all of these children are from the Humla district and have both parents alive and well. The children were recruited through a local teacher and their families paid between 20-100,000 NPR in the hope that education would ensure brighter futures and liberation from poverty.

These little ones are adjusting well and being extremely well cared for at Shakti Ghar (our transit home) while we work at getting them home to family as soon as possible. We’ve conducted health screenings and wellbeing assessments, provided clean clothes and nutritious meals, and have been conducting educational activities so they don’t fall behind.

The children have told us they’d love to visit the zoo – so guess where we’re heading?!

Being separated from family through no fault of your own, and all that goes with that, is traumatic and can have detrimental and ongoing consequences. Our team works so hard to provide the best quality care during this time.

Your donations help us make the transition from orphanage to family a process that is kind and professionally supported with the child’s best interests at the very heart of every decision made. Thank you.

We also work with families and communities so they can understand more clearly the terrible consequences of orphanage trafficking and the lifelong affects institutionalisation has on their beloved children.

Please consider becoming a regular donor and help us get more children out of orphanages and home to their families, where they belong.