Safe from Harm Appeal


In 2024, thousands of children in Nepal’s orphanages are suffering hunger, regular beatings, and constant fear. Trapped in a relentless cycle of anxiety and abuse, they’re desperately lonely and longing to escape a life of imprisonment they never chose.

The shocking truth: Astonishingly, 85% of the 10,000 children in Nepal’s orphanages have at least one parent who’s still alive. But many were trafficked from poor remote areas into profit-making orphanages, lured under the pretence of a better education. Stripped of their basic rights to a childhood, a family, safety, and love, they face a grave injustice.

This is a child protection crisis. We urgently need your help.

Six-year-old Sunil* spent two unbearable years isolated from his family. “He’d cry whenever I visited,” his mother, Lata*, remembers. “If he said he wanted to go home, he’d get beaten.”

We are working tirelessly to shut down these orphanages and reunite children with their families. But we can’t do it alone. Parents like Lata* desperately need your support to afford their children’s basic needs. Every day a child remains in an orphanage could be another day of hunger, of beatings, of longing for someone to love them.

In 2024, you have the power to help reunite children with the people who love them. Will you help us rescue these children and keep them safe from harm and free from fear? Donate now.  

How you can help

$54 could pay for essential school supplies like books, pens and a backpack so a child like Sunil* has what he needs to learn.

$113 could buy a bicycle to help children like Minu* get to school more easily and reduce the chance of them dropping out.

$192 could cover a daily school lunch box for a child like Moti* for one year so they have enough energy to focus and learn.


Our work in Nepal

We work closely with our partners The Himalayan Innovative Society and Hope and Homes for Children. Together, we’re:

  • working with the government to close orphanages and reunite children with their families;
  • helping parents cover education costs, from text books and uniform to school fees and bicycles;
  • preventing more children being sent away, by telling parents the truth about orphanages, and lobbying for better quality education in remote areas so children can study closer to home. 

*Names changed to protect identity | Photos by Kishor Sharma / Hope and Homes for Children