Join us for RISE IV


Bet you’ve been wondering how our friends in India, Nepal and Uganda are going!

Well, you can find out on Monday 22 March 2021 when we host our fourth LIVE Zoom for donors and supporters to learn more about how your donations are providing emergency relief to children and their families.

Please join FMN CEO Andrea Nave in conversation with Forget Me Not’s global leadership team: Anju Pun (Nepal); Diptesh Singh (India); and, Patrick Rhuweza (Uganda).

6.30pm Monday 22 March 2021
via Zoom

Register now to hear updates about FMNs ongoing response, predicted priorities and plans for recovery.
Limited registrations are available to ensure productive Q&A.
This event will be in English and guests will be provided with a link to join the Zoom meeting prior to the event start time of 6.30pm Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Please check your local corresponding time before registering. Please also let us know if you can no longer attend, that way we can extend the invitation to another guest on the event waiting list.

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    There are still hundreds of children in Nepal, India and Uganda we are feeding, along with their families and extended families. We can keep helping because you trust us with your donations. Thank you.

    We also want to give love and praise to our teams on the ground in India, Nepal and Uganda. They have been incredible, unflappable and unfaltering in their commitment to serve humanity with kindness and making the world safer and more nurturing for children.

    Flash mob celebrates World Social Work Day 2021

    World Social Work Day is celebrated every year on the third Tuesday of March. Social workers around the globe promote their heart-driven profession and celebrate the positive impact social workers bring to the lives of individuals, families and the communities we belong. Tashi Dhondup reports.

    This year we organised a ‘changing hearts and minds’ social awareness campaign at Basantapur – a tourist hub for domestic and international travellers.

    Our team of Change Agents and Reintegration Officers showcased current social issues like orphanage tourism and trafficking through poems and role plays. The event was a form of ‘flash mob’ where only the metropolitan police knew our plan.

    Passers-by were curious and keen to interact with us and learn more.

    Colourful handmade bookmarks and greeting cards helped start conversations. The photo booth and selfie frame were very popular with children and young adults.

    FMN Reintegration Officer Bina read a poem to the gathering crowd sharing one child’s recount of their emotional reunion with their family after a long time of separation. 

    Many thanks to The Intrepid Foundation for: supporting our work to end child trafficking into orphanages in Nepal; developing experience-rich child-safe and ethical tourism options; and, working together to provide decent work opportunities for care leavers (SDG8). 

    Happy Holiday Love from Toya in Nepal

    ❤️ Happy Holiday Love from Toya in Nepal ❤️

    Today is a special holiday in Nepal. Shiva is the most beloved God of the Hindu religion. The GOD – Guardian Observer and Destroyer – Lord Shiva is the destroyer of evil. He will give away everything when he is happy and he will release hell on earth when he is angry. So, people with certain kind of temperament is often quoted as “that person is like Lord Shiva” haha

    It is said, the destruction of the world lies on the opening of his third eye. That’s why he is the destroyer. Mahashivaratri means the “great night of Shiva” and marks the onset of Summer. Usually, people will be fasting and standing in queue to take blessings from Lord Shiva in the famous Pashupatinath Temple as early as 2am in the morning. The whole area will be adorned with lights and free drinking water will be shared.
    Sages from India and other parts of the world visit Pashupatinath Temple specifically for this very festival – that marks the religious harmony between India and Nepal.
    This is the darkest night of the year. On this day, we can see children blocking the roads with rope and adults have to give money to pass. Since it is the darkest, every household lights a big bonfire at night. It is said even if you steal wood for fire on this day, it won’t be considered a sin!
    Women pray for long life of their husband and unmarried women pray for a husband like Lord Shiva – calm, meditative and wise.
    Today Lord Shiva will perform the heavenly dance of creation, preservation and destruction.
    🐘🌏🌟 words’n’pictures by FMN storyteller Toya Homa Rai

    Mel Lumb in Home Beautiful

    “After the events of 2020, it highlighted how fortunate I am to be able to continue doing what I love, I felt like it was time for me to do more than just make ceramics and support others.” Mel Lumb

    Check out beautiful Mel Lumb in the latest edition of Home Beautiful. We love you being in our ever-expanding FMN Herd of awesome people who want the world to be a more beautiful and safe place for children to grow and thrive.
    Mel donates 10% of ALL sales to Forget Me Not.
    Check out her superb ceramics today!

    2020 Annual Report

    What a year! Thanks for standing with us 🙂

    Welcome to another challenging and inspiring year with Forget Me Not. It is difficult to fathom the hardship unfolding as a result of the global pandemic. The first half of the year held so much promise as we continue to work with real impact witnessing incremental change and positive steps toward care reform for children.

    For more than 15 years, we have worked alongside the Nepal Government and with vulnerable communities in Uganda and India. Not only have we delivered children back home to family, but we also have ensured they have access to education, health care and other essential services.

    Some say charity begins at home and Forget Me Not is proof that charity knows no bounds. We have great pride in presenting this report to our friends, donors, subscribers, volunteers, supporters and beneficiaries.


    Construction begins on Miss Ts Home for Life

    Construction has begun!

    Your donations, together with funds from the wonderful women members of Zonta Club Caloundra, are building a HOME4LIFE for Miss T and her family.
    We are still needing a few dollars so please share this good news and these promising pics with your friends so they might contribute too! Any extra funds will help pay rent for the family whilst construction takes place as well as some ‘housewarming’ essentials to make it feel just like home!
    We are hoping Miss T & the fam can move back home in just 3 weeks – just in time for Christmas – this is SO exciting 😃

    Help build Miss T a Home for Life

    Friends, Miss T is in her final year of primary school. She is happy and healthy, living with her uncle and eighty-one year old grandmother. Miss T shares a room with her sister and her sister’s three-year-old child. Although Miss T, lost her parents her family keep her safe ensuring she is home with them for life.
    The home they live in is dilapidated and considered a health hazard. The cold and damp gets in and puts the family at risk of contracting pneumonia, which is particularly dangerous for Miss T and her elderly grandmother. The walls are on the verge of collapse.
    So, together with the generous women members of Zonta in Caloundra, and Zonta Foundation for Women, FMN is building a HOME4LIFE for Miss T & her Nanna. The grandmother owns the land and she will sign over a share of ownership to Miss T for her long term housing security.
    We plan to employ locals to construct a brick home in time to keep the family safe during the upcoming wet season in Uganda.
    We need an extra $1500 and know that you and your friends will be able to help. Every dollar makes this dream a reality!

    RISE: Covid-19 response & recovery III

    On Monday 21 September 2020 Forget Me Not hosted our third LIVE Zoom for donors and supporters to learn more about how donations are providing emergency relief to children and their families. Andrea Nave (Australia), Anju Pun (Nepal) and Diptesh Singh (India) gave updates about FMNs ongoing response, predicted priorities and plans for recovery.

    We have uploaded the conversation here for those of you who couldn’t join us LIVE. Please keep asking questions.

    We love that you’re part of the ongoing conversation about how we can together raise children to be thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity.

    PS: not sure why the video was captured as so but the sound is pretty good and the message as clear as ever!


    All donations during September will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to 20k! Please donate what you can and share the link with friends and family.