BREAKING NEWS: 301 Children Rescued

You will be proud to know that your support has led 301 children to freedom. Now let’s get them home!

On June 19, we returned from Nepal, following a landmark rescue of 301 children from an abusive orphanage in Nepal’s Chitwan District.

This is the largest orphanage closure ever undertaken in Nepal.

These children were barely surviving on a diet of two-minute noodles. They were freezing through Nepali winters sleeping on hessian blankets. Just two wardens were responsible for the care and protection of all 301 children.

After endless reports of physical and sexual abuse – with authority from the Nepal Government we stepped in to shut the place down.

Young children were forced to undertake hard labour – tending to the 30 buffalo, planting rice and building the orphanage compound.

Every child was threatened to stay silent or be ‘burned in a big fire’.

Despite the threats, some children did try to escape, but the isolated location of the orphanage in Chitwan National Park meant the children were always caught and brought back.

You guessed it, most of these children are not orphans and they want to go home, where they belong.

Our team in Nepal is working to reunify the children with their families, transforming the orphanage into a transit centre.

There is still much work ahead to get these children home to safety and we are calling on your help.

We simply won’t be able to get these children home to their families unless we have considerable support.

Nursing these children back to health, finding their families and  providing the necessary family support to ensure ongoing safety and wellbeing takes considerable funds.

We urgently need at least $100,000 to cover this immediate work.

To help get these children home, please make a tax-deductible donation today.