Brighter Futures Fund

Welcome! This is where you can apply for small grants of up to $2,500AUD by invitation only. You will need to reconcile monies spent and report on grant activities before applying for future Brighter Futures Fund small grants. Grants are limited only by: 1. Invitation to apply; 2. Previous reconciliation & reporting complete; and 3. Available funds.

Eligible projects must be aligned with our mission and vision:

With respect, courage and commitment, Forget Me Not honours the rights of every child and, works to ensure children are thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity.

We exist to prevent children and young people around the world from being displaced through investing in innovative initiatives that keep children within their families and communities.

We grow our impact through leveraging local partnerships on the ground in-country, raising community awareness and advocating for change as we learn.

Our current initiatives focus on 5 key areas:

We have unfaltering commitment to strengthen healthy families and communities that value education, and empower women and children to be their very best.

We strongly suggest you take a look at the reporting requirements before submitting your application. Both are available by clicking the buttons below.