Child Protection

Keeping children safe is everybody’s business.

We are serious about child protection. Our goal is to protect children and their rights. FMN is committed to the welfare and protection of children. We believe that child protection is both a community and an individual responsibility. Every person who shares in the work of FMN, including board members, employees, volunteers, contractors, ambassadors and supporters also share in the responsibility of taking every precaution to protect the children and families we serve. 

The purpose of FMNs Child Protection Policy is to protect children from all forms of harm. The objective of this policy is to create and maintain protective environments for children in the delivery of all of FMNs activities in Australia and overseas.

FMN has a responsibility to ensure that all employees, board members, volunteers, contractors, partners, visitors, supporters, and ambassadors understand about child protection and to take specific measures to protect children in the course of their work with FMN.

Zero tolerance of child exploitation and abuse

FMN does not tolerate child exploitation and abuse. Such action attracts criminal, civil and disciplinary sanctions. FMN works to reduce the risks of child exploitation and abuse associated with delivering aid activities and trains its staff on their obligations. FMN will not knowingly engage—directly or indirectly—anyone who poses an unacceptable risk to children. FMN will terminate visits by any individual or organisation that does not meet FMNs child protection compliance standards in their operations and activities.

Recognition of the best interest of the child

Australia is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and FMN is committed to upholding the rights and obligations under this convention. FMN recognises that some children, such as those with disability and children living in areas impacted by disasters, are particularly vulnerable.

Sharing responsibility and risk management

To effectively manage risks to children, FMN requires the commitment, support and cooperation of Visitors. They must meet the terms of this Application & Agreement and will be held accountable for complying with it. While it is not possible to eliminate all risks of child exploitation and abuse, careful management can reduce the risks to children that may be associated with our in-country projects.

Request a copy of FMNs Child Protection Policy here.

IMMEDIATELY report concerns or allegations of child exploitation and abuse and policy non-compliance by staff, volunteers and/or visitors of Forget Me Not and our in-country partners.

Reports can be made by email or phone +61 412 739 114; or post to PO Box 245 Corinda Q 4075.

Reports should include:

  • date(s) of incident(s);
  • name of organisation(s) involved, including any program partner;
  • alleged offender’s details, including name, nationality and occupation;
  • details of alleged incident(s);
  • whether local law enforcement authorities or Australian Federal Police have been informed; if it is a DFAT-funded activity, the name of the activity (if known);
  • details of what the organisation(s) proposes to do;
  • any other relevant information.