Wellbeing Wednesday 21.10.2020

Hi GDT 🙂

This week we created our own True Self statements! These statements include our personal values and strengths underpinned by FMNs commitment to you:

Forget Me Not supports me to be THRIVING, VIBRANT and CONNECTED to family, community and opportunity.

Click to view my example True Self – Emmalene Travers and I am happy to produce personalised mini posters for everybody who sends their True Self statements to me via email. You may prefer to paint or draw your own in another style.

The following preliminary task was emailed and the start time was extended by ONE HOUR. First we looked at VALUES

Values are a primary driver for our conscious decision-making. Our values define the things that really matter to us, the things that are genuinely important and influence much of what we do. Knowing your values and applying them in practical ways helps you to be more happy and satisfied in life and at work.

Values help to identify true aspirations and intentions, provide a purposeful and practical filter for making decisions, and remind you of what’s really important during life’s ups and downs. Living your values gives you confidence to be yourself, express yourself more freely, stand behind decisions you make and call out bad behaviour. 

You will also build stronger relationships at work because you’ll be more attuned to the values and understand the motivations of others, and your own connection or conflict with them.

Values may change throughout our lives however we only hold one set of values – there’s not one set for work and one set for home. 

Step 1

Please find some space to reflect on the list of Values and choose TWO values to add to your True Self mini poster on either side of the eye’s iris. Describe what those values mean to you.

Then we talked about STRENGTHS.

When you’re using your strengths at work regularly all the research suggests that you’re more satisfied and productive, you learn faster, and you perform better. Knowing your strengths is essential for self-development. Strengths are not simply the things you are good at, they are the things that you are energised by and absolutely brilliant at. Your strengths draw on your talents as well as the skills and behaviours you’ve developed through experience.

Knowing your strengths will help you succeed. Often we’re told to work on our weaknesses however the research actually says that if you work on your weaknesses you’ll grow incrementally and if you work on your strengths you’ll grow exponentially. Strengths are what build your reputation and a big part of the value that you bring to different situations. When you know how to articulate your strengths it can help you communicate your talents with others.

Step 2

Grab a piece of paper and take ONE minute to write down FIFTEEN of your strengths. Choose THREE strengths to add to your True Self mini poster to circle the eye’s pupil. Describe what those strengths mean to you.

Step 3

Take a look at your values and your strengths. Choose ONE ‘I am’ word to describe YOU for the eye’s pupil. Describe why you chose this word.

Step 4

Create your True Self statement. You will see mine typed down the left side of my True Self mini poster (link above). 

Remember, if you’d like me to create a mini poster like mine using your True Self statement – please email through and I will get it back to you as a pdf as fast as I can 🙂