Wellbeing Wednesday 23.9.2020

Hi GDT 🙂

Thanks again for another lovely session. It was really great to share how wellbeing is being prioritised in our lives at the moment. Please keep sharing motivational videos, music you love, books that inspire, places to visit, exercise routines, delicious recipes, journaling prompts, inspirational quotes etc…

Sajit shared this awesome playlist which you may also love. 

We had some discussion about Francesco Cirillo’s  The Pomodoro Technique and ‘giving it a crack’ over the next few weeks! It will be interesting to hear how it helped with productivity. Studies show we are only productive for around 3hrs a day! 

In short, the technique should alleviate anxiety, enhance focus and concentration, provide greater clarity of thought, sharpen focus, increase awareness, boost motivation, bolster determination and improve work/study processes.

It’s a simple method to balance focus with deliberate breaks. The 6 steps are:

Experience of Applying Pomodoro Technique in My Life | by M MunirAhmed | Medium

In the 5 minute breaks: stretch, breathe, walk, meditate, mindfulness exercise, drink etc NOT work) AND take 15-30 minute break after every 4 ‘Pomodoros’.

Remember: Do NOT do more than 2 rounds or your brain will explode 😉

Exploding head