Wellbeing Wednesday 24.2.21

Hi GDT 🙂

This week we got CREATIVE with Mel Faulkner who is the brains behind the Nanna Project and also a primary school teacher that is trained in Waldorf Education – aka Steiner education, where teachers nurture and engage head, heart & hands (thinking, feeling & doing) integrating academics, arts and practical skills. Very cool. Lots of fun. 
Image by bodobe from Pixabay.
We got our supplies – crayons, coloured pencils, watercolours, pastels, textas, coloured pens, chalk – and practiced contemplative therapy using the creative bits of our brains and having our hands busy while we relaxed and reorganise our minds.
Image by DarkmoonArt de from Pixabay.
This was a wonderful experience for us to enjoy together AND may also be something you’d like to try with family members and friends, and when working with children, their families or workshop participants.

Please email us with ideas or links for resources you’d like to add.