Wellbeing Wednesday 28.4.21

Hi GDT 🙂

Pedal-powered hero Lucy Wardrop-Brown (who has done the Cycle for Brighter Futures many times, raising funds for projectHELP & Brighter Futures Study Centres in India) joined us with her colleagues Emma and Kirsten to answer all of our questions and concerns about COVID. 
The three of them have been working with the Victorian Government managing the COVID pandemic response in one of Australia’s hardest hit cities, Melbourne.
This session was positive and insightful, informative and inspiring. All kinds of questions were posed including:

>> Children are using electronic devices more (online education) but this is affecting their mental health. They are often encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities but they are showing less interest in such activities and more interest in online games and social media.  What are some tips you can share for managing the tech? 

>> How can young children and elderly people be kept safe as they hardly want to stay indoors all day?

>> How can we encourage people to stay positive despite their fears?

>> How can one make ‘work from home’ better so as to maintain work/life balance?

>> The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in loss of earnings for many families. This has increased mental trauma to parents that will directly and indirectly affect parenting. How can we help parents in terms of emotional support?

These three incredible women are now known as Lucy & the Covid Nerds and they have offered their brains and time whenever we need them!

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