Wellbeing Wednesday 7.10.2020

Hi GDT 🙂

Catch up on our first Mindfulness session in under a minute! Feel free to pause whenever you see something you want to stay with longer… Special thanks to our mindfulness mentor Leanne Camilleri 🙂


You may want to check out the FMN Mindfulness Handout produced by Leanne to provide some other mindfulness techniques you can try.

Here are some great happiness hacks too!

AND it’s Optimistic October & it’s not too late to start 😀

If you would like your PERMAH included in the October table please email me your numbers! Here is our PERMAH for September:

This resource from Buddhist Nun Venerable Drolkar (Jaya Healy) is impressive and may help your work and relationships with children:

How to practice mindfulness with children

Here’s a link to find out more about the Nun Study and on a final note for this week, let’s ‘have a crack’ at practising Sujindra’s wise words & ‘stay in the present’. 

See you on the 21st!