Wellbeing Wednesday 9.9.2020

Hi GDT 😀

Below are PDF resources from our guest presenter Leanne Camilleri:

Wellbeing Slides

FMN Mindfulness Handout

FACE COVID – How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis

Here is a page from The Panic Button so you can get a visual of what I was talking about during our first Wellbeing Wednesday Zoom 💜

You can search “Maggie’s Soothers for Anxious Times” on YouTube to find a series of short videos with some excellent tips for children – and adults too! Again, maybe good for your own children and also the children you are working with. And big kids too!

Here are some resources aligned with our Zoom discussion on 9.9.2020. Check out Lucy Hone’s 3 secrets of resilient people (approx. 16 minutes) filmed at TEDxChristchurch in August 2019. Dr Lucy Hone builds resilience among individuals, communities and organisations.


Monash University via FutureLearn
Maintaining a Mindful Life

A free course for people who have some understanding and experience with mindfulness practice. The 4-week syllabus covers: communication; mindful relationships; cultivating self-compassion and emotional health; and, the big picture. The course is available to start today and requires approximately 3hrs of weekly study. Click on the image to find our more.


Save the Children
Child Protection Mentoring Guide

This guide has been published by Save the Children to support their child protection workers. A great resource if you are considering becoming a mentor or looking for a mentor. Some excellent tips for sharpening your communication skills are included on pages 9-11.

Smiling Mind
Supporting Children’s Emotional Wellbeing through Mindfulness

These kits include age appropriate information, tips and ideas for supporting children’s emotional wellbeing through mindfulness. Some of the activities can be done remotely. Some may help with social work and monitoring. There is also a kit to support your own emotional wellbeing through mindfulness. Smiling Mind is a unique web and app-based program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to people’s lives. You can download the App for free: search Smiling Mind.

Please email us with ideas or links for resources you’d like to add.