Happy Holiday Love from Toya in Nepal

❤️ Happy Holiday Love from Toya in Nepal ❤️

Today is a special holiday in Nepal. Shiva is the most beloved God of the Hindu religion. The GOD – Guardian Observer and Destroyer – Lord Shiva is the destroyer of evil. He will give away everything when he is happy and he will release hell on earth when he is angry. So, people with certain kind of temperament is often quoted as “that person is like Lord Shiva” haha

It is said, the destruction of the world lies on the opening of his third eye. That’s why he is the destroyer. Mahashivaratri means the “great night of Shiva” and marks the onset of Summer. Usually, people will be fasting and standing in queue to take blessings from Lord Shiva in the famous Pashupatinath Temple as early as 2am in the morning. The whole area will be adorned with lights and free drinking water will be shared.
Sages from India and other parts of the world visit Pashupatinath Temple specifically for this very festival – that marks the religious harmony between India and Nepal.
This is the darkest night of the year. On this day, we can see children blocking the roads with rope and adults have to give money to pass. Since it is the darkest, every household lights a big bonfire at night. It is said even if you steal wood for fire on this day, it won’t be considered a sin!
Women pray for long life of their husband and unmarried women pray for a husband like Lord Shiva – calm, meditative and wise.
Today Lord Shiva will perform the heavenly dance of creation, preservation and destruction.
🐘🌏🌟 words’n’pictures by FMN storyteller Toya Homa Rai