Help build Miss T a Home for Life

Friends, Miss T is in her final year of primary school. She is happy and healthy, living with her uncle and eighty-one year old grandmother. Miss T shares a room with her sister and her sister’s three-year-old child. Although Miss T, lost her parents her family keep her safe ensuring she is home with them for life.
The home they live in is dilapidated and considered a health hazard. The cold and damp gets in and puts the family at risk of contracting pneumonia, which is particularly dangerous for Miss T and her elderly grandmother. The walls are on the verge of collapse.
So, together with the generous women members of Zonta in Caloundra, and Zonta Foundation for Women, FMN is building a HOME4LIFE for Miss T & her Nanna. The grandmother owns the land and she will sign over a share of ownership to Miss T for her long term housing security.
We plan to employ locals to construct a brick home in time to keep the family safe during the upcoming wet season in Uganda.
We need an extra $1500 and know that you and your friends will be able to help. Every dollar makes this dream a reality!