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Happy Mother’s Day #MightyMums!


The importance of mum
by Dinesh

I who have habit
to sleep in a hut
could not sleep
in the huge bungalow.

I who have habit to sleep
in the lap of my mum
could not sleep
in the sophisticated bed.

My younger brother
who used to sleep
murmuring “mum mum”
is crying today

I, the eldest son of my family
is trying to console him today.

We the chicks locked up
in the golden cage
are looking for our mother.

Mum is priceless to us
more than the golden objects
that are around us.

What an irony!

We have everyone
but have to disguise
like we have no-one.


People sell human beings
in this twenty-first century.

I cry and laugh
time and again
remembering the time
we spent together.

Please come mum
without waiting
for favourable time
‘cause I am
desperately waiting
for you

Waiting for you.