Travel with Us

Drop the volunteering and just do the tourism! It’s way more fun and definitely less harmful. We have a few trips on offer where you can give back to the communities that need our help by simply enjoying the time of your life, in a magical place, with awesome people who could be friends for life!

When you choose your next adventure with us, you can rest assured that your tourism dollars are building local economies as well as directly funding the work of Forget Me Not.

All of our adventures also have a fundraising component so that you can feel super proud to fund the rescue and reunification of children trafficked into orphanages to be home with their families. Knowing that your hard earned cash is truly helping pave the way for brighter futures through child focused community driven health, education and enterprise initiatives.

We guarantee you will come away with a deeper understanding of the issues that we are focusing on after spending time with our awesome staff in-country, who help make the magic happen!

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your next adventure:

Fierce Love Whirlwind Tour | India

Cycle for Brighter Futures | Kerala, Southern India

Charity Trek | Nepal


NOTE: Forget Me Not does not take volunteer placements. We believe in utilising local staff to work on local projects collaborating with local NGOs. We need people like you to advocate against orphanage tourism so that together we can end child trafficking into orphanages in our lifetime.