Valentine’s Day is about more than chocolate and roses

Our team in Nepal spent some precious time together on Valentine’s Day reflecting on some of the significant reasons they love their work, their colleagues and their workplace. You can read their feelings as hand written on their paper hearts OR scroll down for the typed words.


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“Thank you for trusting me.”


“When my Team says Dear Brave Ros well done then I feel appreciated. You Team are the Change Maker Star Children that words are motivating for me.”


“Life is too short not to be loved by your team. Love is when your colleague proposes you with problems and you respond back with solutions.”


“It feels amazing to work in such a positive environment where everyone’s opinion matters. The statement ‘we appreciate all your hard work & dedication that has made this team’ boost my energy to work harder.”


“We are like the glue that holds this team together. Without each individual I am like a gypsy. Thank you for ma and every individual special. Feels blessed.”


“I love showing up every morning because every day is so fulfilling. My opinions are counted, my work is appreciated and everything here is done with love and compassion. I am so grateful. I guess this is what ‘Dream Team’ is made up of :)”


“The secret to a happy workplace is having awesome team. Thank you. I am known to be cool and smart. I am grateful to be in THIS family. Best wishes on Valentine’s Day to the Dream Team. Wishing you good times with your loved ones.”


“I feel encouraged and motivated every time I come to office!!! Thank you!!”


“Dear Dream Team members,
It is the day I wanted to thank your all your love, kindness, respect, care and fraternity and pay back the same feeling to you all saying ‘you all deserve a huge heart of humanity!!! :)”


“Team members describe me as a decent & hardworking person. So I feel very lucky to be part of the beautiful team.”


“Motivation is the another meaningful name of life. ‘Good thing I learned from our lovely Rija Mam’. As per the quotes THIS-FMN family always motivate and inspire us in our each and every work we did that can be small or big not only in our success but also at some point when we fault do any task or we make mistakes then instead of taking it in a bad way team always inspire us to do better. Such behaviour from team always inspire me to learn more and to perform more better.”




“Don’t worry we are family and you will do it.” Which is appreciative me during hopeless.”


“Family environment


“Entertainment, home
friendly zone.
acceptance in work, confidence
happy heart & face, encouragement
part of family member”