Home for Life

When a family needs help to stay safe and healthy and keep kids in school, we want to help make that happen.

Love makes a house a home!

Share some love and help us provide child-headed families a Home for Life in Fort Portal, Uganda. Our Home for Life packages are keeping families together. Sharing the love encourages brighter futures for children and young people who would otherwise be at risk of trafficking or slavery or worse.

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What’s in the ‘package’?

Each Home for Life package is individually tailored to the family’s specific needs and usually consists of a culturally appropriate main house, kitchen and pit latrine. We also provide basic household items such as beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets & kitchen utensils.

Why are there child-headed families?

Unfortunately, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to devastate much of Africa and the increasing number of orphaned children has placed a huge strain on African communities. In Uganda especially, nearly an entire generation has been lost to this devastating disease, where only the young and the elderly remain. Statistics reveal that 49% of the Ugandan population are aged 0-15 years (child population) and 20% of the child population are orphans. Lots of the families we help are orphaned sibling groups and we want to help them stay together as a family.

How does a home for life help?

We all know from our own personal experiences that access to stable, adequate shelter plays a major role in the health and wellbeing of families, and in particular children. A family home provides a safe environment and the security that allows participation in the social, educational, economic, and community aspects of their lives. Having the privacy of your own home means you can be your best self and be strong as a family unit. Basically, everyone needs a safe space to call home.

How does it work?

Communities identify vulnerable families and a condition that the children themselves retain the legal title to the home rather than relatives. We employ locals to undertake construction and/or repairs and all supplies are purchased from local businesses, contributing to the local economy and job market.

How much does it cost?

It costs AUD$10k to provide 3x Home for Life packages. Let’s break it down.

  • Main House $4,680 – poles 860; iron sheets 400; ridges 140; roofing labour 260; reeds 300; nails 180; doors 310; windows 300; sand 400; gravel 260; cement 500; transport 260; labour 510
  • Kitchen $970 – poles 310; iron sheets 200; ridges 120; nails 130; labour 210
  • Pit Latrine $1,300 – sinking the pit 350; Poles 210; iron sheets 190; ridges 110; nails 120; wood slabs 120; labour 200
  • Household Items $1,170 – beds 470; mattresses 230; blankets 130; bed sheets 120; utensils 220
  • Operation Costs $1,880 – fuel 500; field support 600; hand over 430; contingency 350

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