Jack Harvison Memorial Education Fund

Jack was a beautiful young man, with a big heart, a love of nature and adventure. He cared deeply and thought deeply. His connection to Forget Me Not was because they reflected these values. Jack loved his trips to Nepal and formed close friendships that he cherished.

We are humbled and very grateful that Jack’s legacy will live on through this initiative.

Thank you, 

Trent, Katie and Tilly Harvison.

The Forget Me Not mission is to ensure children are thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community, and opportunity. 

We exist to prevent children around the world from being displaced through investing in innovative initiatives that keep children within their families and communities. In our experience, 97% of ‘orphans’ in Nepal have parents that want them home. Our approach is holistic and child-focused. Our strategy is to work collaboratively building brighter futures for children through healthcare, education, and family support. The National Child Rights Council reports 11,381 children and young people currently held in 454 children’s homes across 43 districts of Nepal. There is hope and progress toward an orphanage-free Nepal by 2030.

We champion reintegration of trafficked children so each child has the greatest chance of thriving within their family and community, and there’s no chance of being re-trafficked. 

Children aged 14 years and under make up 29% of the total population in Nepal. Children can start school as young as 3-4yo (pre-primary) then attend primary school (5-9yo) and secondary school (10-16yo), then on to tertiary studies (17-21yo). Compulsory education lasts for 9 years from age 4 to 12. The school year begins in July and ends in April. The number of out-of-school adolescents has almost doubled since 2017. Just 73% of primary school children stay in school to complete their primary education. Of the 7+ million illiterate population over the age of 14 years in Nepal, almost 5 million are women and girls. The good news is that there is a growing population of literate children and young people!

Empowering children through education changes lives. 

We are currently supporting 217 children. Our support varies in intensity depending on each child’s specific needs. 

$20 covers new school shoes
$60 provides a ‘back to school’ stationery & uniform pack
$100 gives a Reintegration Officer wings to find families
$2500 returns & supports a child safely home to their family 

Our programs are codesigned with those who have lived experience of orphanage trafficking – service providers, family members, children and young people themselves. They are tailored to the unique circumstances of local communities. We work with all levels of government and non-government agencies so that programs can become sustainable and our support is no longer needed.

This is what success looks like!

Since 2005 we have provided for the educational pursuits of hundreds of children and young people throughout primary, secondary and tertiary, into interior design, midwifery, nursing, hotel management, law, psychology, education, dentistry, accounting, social work, plumbing, mechanics, and careers in the arts.

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little. Everything helps. Thank you for your support.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.