A message of freedom from Sita

A message of freedom – from Sita

“November 18…!!!

Don’t know where to start?

7 years back we started a beautiful journey to free ourselves from the orphanage. We fought back for our rights to family, love and above all we asked for our freedom from the abusive orphanage…

And here we are today standing on our own with the supportive hands. We went through a lot during the stay at the orphanage and had to experience 8-9 years being orphan but those difficult times made us who we are and where we are today.

Now we all are independent, some sister are about to graduate. Some are working as Change Agents to bring awareness about orphanage trafficking and some of us are still on our way to graduate. We are always grateful to each one of you who really helped us during our journey. Without you all it wouldn’t have been possible.

We are so fortunate to all the brothers and sisters of Forget Me Not and The Himalayan Innovative Society for being on our journey. Without your support, love and care, this would not have been possible.

Sincere thanks to our family in Australia and to Eva dee for being on this journey at the start. It’s a great honour to have you all in our lives. We are the luckiest daughters.

We would also like to thank the Nepal Government (Central Child Welfare Board) for rescuing children from abusive orphanages and giving their identity and biological family back.