Good News from Chitwan – families reunited!

Thanks to our ever-expanding mighty Herd for all of your support, especially our awesome Rescue Crew! It’s really making a difference on the ground. There’s nothing quite like the feeling one has when they reunite a family, especially after many years of separation and no contact. It’s incredibly uplifting and definitely feeds the passion for our Team to continue their dedicated and driven work to find a family for every child!

Our Team reached Chitwan after 12 hours backed up in traffic on the main highway. The trip is usually just 5-6 hours! Mangal, Kavita and Prativa were tasked with family tracing for 27 children and monitoring 12 children already reunited with their families.

We’re so pleased to share that we found the families of 3 children on Day 2 – our Team do not muck around! Please enjoy this short photo essay direct from Chitwan:

Our Team hit the ground running after a VERY long bus ride to Chitwan.

Family tracing is serious work and involves MANY conversations with locals.

We are careful to record every bit of extra information we can collect.

These gorgeous brothers are smiling from ear to ear because we found their family!

The children are SO EXCITED to be enrolled in their local school.