Meet Hari

Reuniting families makes us proud.

This gorgeous young man is Hari. He was admitted into Asha Orphanage in Chitwan when he was just eight years old. Hari’s mother had passed away and his father Thilmen believed he could no longer manage so took advice from villagers and the local pastor to send his three boys to the orphanage.

Our team contacted Thilmen to inform him that the orphanage was closed and all children were to be returned home to their families. Hari’s big brother Shyam travelled from Dhading and arrived to collect Hari with the widest smile you ever did see!

When we visit Hari at home with his family in Dhading he says he walks 30 minutes to school and has made lots of new friends. He is very happy to be home with his brothers and father but prefers not to speak of his time in the orphanage.