Remembering 2013 Dreaming

Who remembers our CEO Andrea Nave’s ‘Dreaming’ on the last page of our 2012-13 Annual Report?

Here it is again:

“I am writing my dream. It is a dream for a clear bright future for children. They can sleep peacefully. They are safe and warm and free from illness. They eat clean food and have the opportunity to learn to read and write and grow their own dreams. Their eyes are wide and untroubled. Their family is close and protective.

The children under the care of Forget Me Not are the stars of my dream. They are laughing like they should be as children. They live in a better way than before they entered my dream.

I am interpreting and guiding this dream. Shaping its flow and soothing it from nightmare stirrings which sometimes come.

My dream is vivid and technicolour. It is exhilarating and meaningful. It is re occurring and growing each day. It is a dream I call Forget Me Not. Courageous and compassionate, we stand for children.

We are fully focused on growing this dream into 2014 and beyond. We are growing our capacity in Nepal through our INGO voice as an advocate for children’s rights. A new transit home in Nepal to assist with rescues of children from their own nightmares will come to fruition in 2014. In Uganda our families and Nanna project will see a continued stability and growing ease as we deliver our sponsors compassion in the form of their funds to young lives. In India our Study Centre will be funded into a more formal operation to allow forgotten children a place to be and to learn.

These are the future dreams for 2014. Stable. Strong. Deliverable.”

Also, here is a visual representation of our work and why we do what we do…