RISE: COVID-19 response & recovery VI

On Monday 26 July 2021 Forget Me Not hosted our sixth LIVE Zoom for donors and supporters to learn more about how donations are providing emergency relief to children and their families. We have uploaded the conversation here for those of you who couldn’t join us LIVE. 

Andrea Nave (Australia), Anju Pun (Nepal) [at 3:46], Diptesh Singh (India) [at 17:25] and Patrick Ruhweza (Uganda) [at 37:00] gave updates about FMNs ongoing response, predicted priorities and plans for recovery. 

There’s a great deal of pride and thanks for the incredibly hard work happening on the ground to make the world safer and kinder for children and their families. Thanks Herd. We love you!

Please keep asking questions. We love that you’re part of the ongoing conversation about how we can together raise children to be thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity.


Your donations really make a huge difference in people’s lives. Thank you.