Why does it keep happening?

The orphanage business continues to harm the children it is supposed to protect. WHY DOES IT KEEP HAPPENING?

:: Donations give orphanage owners financial incentives to stay open and to find new recipients.

:: Many people still believe that orphanages are necessary and provide adequate care for children.

:: Local systems are slow to change in response to new studies on the harm of institutions.

Funding to orphanages in Nepal could be better used elsewhere.

90% of orphanages receive funding solely from outside Nepal. When investment goes into orphanages, the result can be a lack of funding for developing family-based alternatives and preventing separation.

Research shows the cost of orphanages can be 11x the cost of social services provided to vulnerable families and 3x the cost of professional foster care.

Funding orphanages is often harming the children it aims to help.


:: Expose children to serious harm, neglect and abuse.

:: Children have a lack of access to health, sanitation, nutrition and education.

:: Can seriously impact a child’s physical and psychological development.

:: Lead to higher rates of homelessness, suicide and crime.

:: Greatly increase the mortality rate of children with disabilities.

:: Are often much more expensive than family or community-based care.

:: Recruitment for orphanages can often involve removing children from families or even result in trafficking.

There are better ways to help vulnerable children than funding orphanages.

Family & community support programs:

:: Have been shown to cost less money per child while achieving better outcomes.

:: Prevent family separation and protect vulnerable families.

:: Provide children with a loving home and continuous care from an adult caregiver.

:: Address barriers and stigma that affect the care of children with special needs.

:: Moving children from institutions and into family care before age 2, resulted in dramatic developmental gains.

* Thanks for the info & images Elevate Children