Checking in with families in Nepal

Our Reintegration Officers are our heroes!

Our Reintegration Officers (ROs) do such a great job and leave no stone unturned in the search for children’s families. Often facing difficult terrain and conditions each day in their search for families.

This is RO Pami in the field before lockdown was enforced and our team was required to return home to keep themselves and their families and communities safe.

RO Shreya was so happy to find the father and grandmother of three siblings after eight long years of separation and desperation.

RO Mangal is humble and proud of the important role he plays in reuniting children trafficked into orphanages with their families.

RO Sajit was in remote far west Bajura district on a mission to find families. He managed to find the families of three children!

In Humla, RO SaaGar met with locals to piece together information that will identify and rebuild families in their remote community.

Bijay and his little brother are happy to be home with their beloved grandfather who is their guardian now after reuniting with their family.

Right now our team are set up to work from home, connecting with each other via tech (when it’s working!) and keeping in regular communication with children and families via phone.

Children and families are relying on us and we will not let them down! If you can help us – we sure could use the support.

“Kindness is a force, and care it’s open hand.”

Andrea Nave CEO

Nepal Country Director Anju Pun in remote Jharlang.