Flash mob celebrates World Social Work Day 2021

World Social Work Day is celebrated every year on the third Tuesday of March. Social workers around the globe promote their heart-driven profession and celebrate the positive impact social workers bring to the lives of individuals, families and the communities we belong. Tashi Dhondup reports.

This year we organised a ‘changing hearts and minds’ social awareness campaign at Basantapur – a tourist hub for domestic and international travellers.

Our team of Change Agents and Reintegration Officers showcased current social issues like orphanage tourism and trafficking through poems and role plays. The event was a form of ‘flash mob’ where only the metropolitan police knew our plan.

Passers-by were curious and keen to interact with us and learn more.

Colourful handmade bookmarks and greeting cards helped start conversations. The photo booth and selfie frame were very popular with children and young adults.

FMN Reintegration Officer Bina read a poem to the gathering crowd sharing one child’s recount of their emotional reunion with their family after a long time of separation. 

Many thanks to The Intrepid Foundation for: supporting our work to end child trafficking into orphanages in Nepal; developing experience-rich child-safe and ethical tourism options; and, working together to provide decent work opportunities for care leavers (SDG8).