The situation is dire – please help.

While most of us have been impacted by COVID in some way, our lives are well and truly blessed when compared to the devastation being experienced in Nepal and India.

The Forget Me Not team are absolutely overwhelmed with the desperation being faced by the children and their families we support. 

As the deaths mount in the Kalyanpuri slum in Delhi, orphaned hungry children roam, without a place to sleep, without enough to eat, even unable to access enough wood to burn the bodies of their parents.  

In Nepal, the situation is even more dire with vaccines running short, hospitals overwhelmed and positive testing rates being reported at a horrific 47%. 

The Forget Me Not team have themselves been impacted by death and sickness whilst they battle to save every life they can.

Whilst it sounds like a cliche, every $1 we can raise, does absolutely make a difference.  The one coffee you sacrifice can feed a family for a day. 

We are a registered Australian charity, with very minimal administrative costs ensuring your money gets where it’s needed fast. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

You can help by purchasing essential items for immediate distribution throughout India and Nepal:

  • 30 litres of clean drinking water $5
  • Thin foam mattress for emergency bedding $5
  • 20 kgs of rice $15
  • 60 kgs of firewood for heating, cooking and cremation $20
  • Tent for temporary accommodation providing dignity and isolation for the sick and dying $30

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little. Everything helps. Thank you for your support.


Our COVID-19 response.